Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Grayswood Feather'

Cham. lawsoniana 'Graywood's Feather' 28-30cm.JPG

Product Features

Fust Code 418
Loading 35x18
Layers per DC 6
Number per DC 630
Decrease min. 1 DC
Barcode 8 716 137 000 333
Delivery direct
Price on demand

Product information

The colour of the needles of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Grayswood Feather’ changes according to the pH value of the soil. On acidic ground the scaled needles are dark green, but as the pH increases, the foliage gains a more yellow tint. The upwardly-growing twigs give the slow-growing conifer its thick column habit, which can sometimes tend towards the shape of a cigar.

The origin of 'Grayswood Feather' lies in the garden of G.L. Pilkington in Haslemere, Great Britain. D.W. Hatch from Canthrey Nurseries (Honiton) introduced the conifer on to the market.

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