Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Snow White'

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Product Features

Fust Code 418
Loading 35x18
Layers per DC 6
Number per DC 630
Decrease min. 1 DC
Barcode 8 716 137 000 043
Delivery direct
Price on demand

Product information

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Snow White' has cream-white tips in both the spring and late autumn, initiated by colder temperatures. Though strong sunlight and high temperature are not burning the white tips, they are causing a slightly greener appearance due to growth. Indoors the conifer loses its decorative colour in time and turns grey-green. 'Snow White' is a semi juvenile form and has a slow growth rate. The conifer keeps its (very short) needle-shaped leaf and so does not get any real scales. The conifer grows quite broad, is densely branched, and has a pyramidal growth habit. In Great Britain 'Snow White' is protected by breeder's rights.

'Snow White' is a mutant or descendant of a six year old 'Ellwoodii'. Mutants and descendants are naturally occurring variety and have, in this case, brightly coloured endings to the twigs. With a mutation there is a minuscule change in the ancestral material. Mutants can therefore be maintained by propagation using seeds. The divergent property can also be passed on to the descendants in hybridization. In a descendant only the extent of its ancestral planting has an effect; the planting itself is not changed. A descendant can therefore only be maintained by using cuttings or other forms of vegetative propagation. The cream-white mutant or descendant was discovered before 1983 by R. Murray from Allandale Nurseries in Willerby, Great Britain.

Snow White' was awarded with a 'Certificate of Recommendation' and a 'Certificate of Esteem - in silver' by the inspection committee of the Royal Dutch Association for Cultivated Forests in 1992.

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