Juniperus chinensis 'Stricta'

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Product Features

Fust Code 418
Loading 35x18
Layers per DC 6
Number per DC 630
Decrease min. 1 DC
Barcode 8 716 137 000 364
Delivery on demand
Price on demand

Product information

‘Stricta’ is  blue-grey in the summer, steel-blue in the winter and is a visually attractive conifer all year round. This conifer is a juvenile form and so keeps its sharp needles. The short, regular and densely branched twigs give the tree a compact form. The conifer grows quite quickly. 'Stricta' keeps its thin, pointed, tapering cone habit thanks to its upwardly growing branches.

The origin of Juniperus chinensis ‘Stricta’ is unknown. The cultivar was described for the first time in 1949 by a tree breeder from Boskoop, Pieter den Ouden.

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