Rosa Terrazza Young Plants


Product Features

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Product information




Rosa Terrazza® is a multifunctional product for terrace, garden and balcony. The varieties are healthy, have volume and a high aesthetic value by the constant sea of flowers until the winter. For the consumer, maintaining the Terrazza® Roses is simple; cut out dead flowers, fertilize regularly and not let it dry out.

What are the opportunities for you as a grower? 
We can supply you with hearty and healthy young plants. The young plants you can order in desired numbers and sizes, are at least 3 months old and pinched twice. The growing period of the Rosa Terrazza® is only 15-20 weeks with this powerful starting material.

Ordering and delivery
Depending on your cultivation facilities, you can take into account a growing period of November to April for an early delivery period, or with a growing period from February to May.

For more information about the opportunities of Rosa Terrazza please go to this brochure and to the website op De Ruiter B.V.: Rosa Terrazza.